There once was a boy called Hans Rudi with lovely round cheeks

God blessed him with long and beautiful hair
as well as lots of beer
he traveled the world
and made many a friendplayed with his pets
and camped naked in the wild
there once was a girl called Else Marie. her eyes shone just like Shurly Temple's did (the one to the right) but her smile was even more beautiful.
except when she was frowning of course...she also had long flowing hairwhich caused some people to mistake her for a dog...but she was a lovely lassand loved to skip in the sunshine with her kangaroo
these two met and decided to make a baby or two...

they made some girls
and a rather ridiculously good-looking boy...
A princess
another 2 rowdy boys...boys a bit to rowdy to sit still for a picture:D

and a prodical daughter(Ashi)...that just hasn't returned yet

here are some pictures from our recent family reunion ...great-grandparents and all

this is a castle we visited in Rappersvill

my gorgeous momie:D:D
Tido and I catching up on old times
Adrian chatting with his great-grandma
us standing on a famous rock
We had a nice get together and they visited our home for 5 days(everyone from my family came except for Ashi). We showed them around the area we live, the river, the hills, etc. We went swimming altogether. We visited my dad's parents. We went to Rappersvile to see the mountains(not that we got to see them as that day was totally foggy, but we did enjoy our November picnic:P). We talked a lot, Adrian's uncles and aunties played with him a lot...(he loves you guys so much!) Had a sleepover party (next time we have a pillow fight guys!!:D:D) ate grandparents yummy cake...AND champagne, beer, etc, etc.

I miss you guys tons and you are in our prayers!

Why do we call a one day old baby OLD? He's as young as he'll ever be!

I don't want to keep telling myself how fast he is learning things or how quickly he is growing up. ...It already goes too fast as it is. I want to enjoy when he falls after a few minutes of sitting up. I want to laugh (and comfort him if it actually hurts) as he bangs himself with his blocks because he doesn't have perfect coordination yet. I want to smile when he leans too much to one side in his buggy and waits for me to notice and kindly centralize him. Or when he is trying to put something in his mouth and it takes a few tries before he gets it straight. It makes me feel like he is the most cuddly thing in the world because he needs me so much. If I laugh he starts laughing with me. Not because I told him a funny joke or tickled him, but just because he saw the smile on my face and wanted to return it. Maybe I hold him in my arms to much.. but soon he'll be crawling on the floor ...soon he'll be walking! he won't want to be in my arms all the time in just a short amount of time. Soon the world gets a lot bigger then mommy, daddy and play I want to treasure this time when we are still so close, so big. So important to him! I know we will still be his favorite people in a few years but there will be so many more things crowding his day and his life.

a beautiful place in the mountains near us

He loves books and he's really getting into them! I show him a flannel graph every day as well as read a bible story from his baby Bible. He sits through almost 2 sets of baby quotes at a time and I read baby rhymes to him daily.
On the scholastic side of things I show him math dots 1-5, big red lettered cards with words like 'daddy, car, ball...'etc. We hung up the alphabet on the wall close to his play area and I sing the '12345...counting angels can be fun' song so he learns numbers. Oh...and I got a big sketch pad for him and I marked one page '6 months'(which he colored in with his fancy new crayons :P the day he turned six months) the next '9 months', etc so we can see how he improves maybe I'm overdoing....but that's what you do with your first kid!!

his first food...avocado and yogurt! I don't want to give him banana as his first because it right away gives them a sweet tooth, plus avocado is even healthier for them! and he actually likes the avocado!

his uncle Martin makes the exact same face !

I wouldn't say he's spoiled. Though he is extremely spoiled in the 'love' department. Chockie and I are always hugging and kissing him that sometimes he almost pushes us away he gets too much! but you can never give a child to much love. That's my opinion. It doesn't mean giving them everything they want, it just means giving them a spirit of trust in God and trust in us that we will give them everything we know is good for them...that we will love them unconditionally.

I miss you Tido

We had a wonderful week seeing ancient ruins, eating ardente pasta, dancing til our backs ached, racking our brains for foolish skits and songs for the PMA, getting diplomas, making friends, playing soccer, reading exciting prophecies, soaking in Jesus, getting blisters from walking to much, listening to songs we never heard before (thanks to Ready), raising our arms, listening to lots of audios, getting some sleep, drinking wine ...relaxing and having fun.

I had a lovely time. Everyone also helped out with Adrian as Chockie wasn't there. So sweet!

Adrian has already been to 9 countries! Norway, Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia and Switzerland!

The Vatican

Adrian with the Vatican in the background
Inside St. Peters Church
This massive thing is made of wood. There is also lots of gold on the roof.

It was such an impressive building, So big, SO rich

Inspiration at the PMA
Ready, helping the guys with the croaking
the girls

The Colosseum

The police came chasing them after!
Adrian, Andrea, Angelo, Sam and Sam
Andre, trying to be all fatherly...hehe

An olive tree....the first one I ever saw!
Some Romans...walking around trying to get you to take photos with them(and they only charge you afterwards..tsk tsk)
the catacombs
Old Roman roads
Doesn't it look like he is taking a photo of himself?lol
More ancient ruins
to our right is the place they used to have chariot races
Le Citta d'Italia
Christophe, Angelo, me and Sara
Awesome place...!

The pride swelled in his lungs...i don't know exactly what for though
me and Maweee
Results of a long day of walking

poor Mary being all squished...
Sara don't kill me for putting this pic here, but you look so gorgeous I couldn't resist:D
cute photo no?(no, that's not a duck....just for the record)
PMA class
what da ya know? Three men and a baby! hehe
We went to a club one evening
and used their toilet...
dance night. there were only 2 girls...not that i was bothered....:D:P

the PMA graduation

All the mentors and Andreas
JM practicing his wine principle
Mary, me, Christophe and Sam
the happy bunch

We missed Chockie so much that I was actually really happy to get home and see him again, despite all the fun we had. Adrian was all excited to see his Daddy again that he stuck his tongue out and started spiting. lol.

Thank you Jesus for that wonderful week of fun

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