The story of the Benis

There once was a boy called Hans Rudi with lovely round cheeks

God blessed him with long and beautiful hair
as well as lots of beer
he traveled the world
and made many a friendplayed with his pets
and camped naked in the wild
there once was a girl called Else Marie. her eyes shone just like Shurly Temple's did (the one to the right) but her smile was even more beautiful.
except when she was frowning of course...she also had long flowing hairwhich caused some people to mistake her for a dog...but she was a lovely lassand loved to skip in the sunshine with her kangaroo
these two met and decided to make a baby or two...

they made some girls
and a rather ridiculously good-looking boy...
A princess
another 2 rowdy boys...boys a bit to rowdy to sit still for a picture:D

and a prodical daughter(Ashi)...that just hasn't returned yet

here are some pictures from our recent family reunion ...great-grandparents and all

this is a castle we visited in Rappersvill

my gorgeous momie:D:D
Tido and I catching up on old times
Adrian chatting with his great-grandma
us standing on a famous rock
We had a nice get together and they visited our home for 5 days(everyone from my family came except for Ashi). We showed them around the area we live, the river, the hills, etc. We went swimming altogether. We visited my dad's parents. We went to Rappersvile to see the mountains(not that we got to see them as that day was totally foggy, but we did enjoy our November picnic:P). We talked a lot, Adrian's uncles and aunties played with him a lot...(he loves you guys so much!) Had a sleepover party (next time we have a pillow fight guys!!:D:D) ate grandparents yummy cake...AND champagne, beer, etc, etc.

I miss you guys tons and you are in our prayers!


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